Gotthard - Firebirth [Review]After 20 years, the Swiss hard rock band Gotthard are back with the most compelling and heart clenching album of their entire discography.  After the band lost their legendary singer Steve Lee in a car accident in 2010, the band took a huge leap when putting together their album “Firebirth” which will hit the stores on June 1st, releasing all their grief and emotion into thirteen spectacular tracks.

Accompanied by their new Swiss vocalist Nic Maeder, who takes on Lee’s the role with a heavy heart which is evident in track like “Remember It’s Me” which saw its release earlier this year, with the dropping vocals that sound like he could fall into tears at any moment. This multi-platinum band has pulled together a pallet of strong, yet an emotional compilation of songs. ‘Tell Me’ is another song which offers this heart clenching, sensitive ambiance through the speakers, with the acoustic guitars, violins and piano’s, this is a beautifully written song that stands as strong as every other song on this album.

Opening up with the blues fuelled, fiery track ‘Starlight’ which kicks off this album with an explosive start. With the guttural, hoarse vocals over the droning, raunchy guitars, this track is as hot as sunburn in hell.

The fierce vocals of Maeder are highlighted in a subtle and modest way, but without directing attention away from the powering solos from guitarists Leo Leoni and Freddy Scherer which is highly evident in, arguably one of the best tracks on the album: ‘Fight.’ With its rumbling baselines and mischievous guitars this track leads this fist punching beat throughout its entire 3.27 seconds, followed by yet another jaw breakingly powerful track ‘Yippie Aye Yay.’

A little Bon Jovi feel comes to life in the track ‘Shine’ and ‘Right On’ with that all round ‘feel-good’ vibe, and those killer, groaning riffs and infernal drum beats, you can’t not love the mood these songs put you in.

Finalising this album is the track ‘Where Are You’ which is the last, sentimental ballad by the band, closing this album with the thought of the ones you’ve lost on your mind. Clearly, and even though this album is packed full of blaring speaker blowing anthems, they don’t stray from what this album was really about to begin with, and that’s what they leave you with. That is not only a beautiful sentiment, but a genuine one.

This album is so difficult to review, as it’s so good you can’t put it into words. Not only does it deliver exceptionally well mastered music, but it is an album that if Steve Lee was alive today to listen to, he would be damn proud of it. This album doesn’t just cut it as a good album, it’s freaking awesome!

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