Gory Blister - Earth Sick“Earth-Sick” is the fourth full length release from the Italian death metal band, Gory Blister, under Bakerteam Records. It is fast, raw and ticks every technical death metal list. In fact, “Earth-Sick” just rages with fury.

The aggression feeds well onto the guitars, drums and vocals. The guitars are handled with impeccable abilities, keeping the atmosphere highly charged at all times. The drums are anything but gentle and played on beat with vicious energy. No pork squealing to be heard rather deep growls, low pitched vocals and two tracks featuring Karl Sanders of Nile.

The track “Serpent Verse” starts with a melodic high and dives into a heavy distorted rhythm. In addition, the vocals become powerful towards the chorus and retreats later in the composition adding a bit of grain. A smashing riff follows and the speed picks up, perfect Headbanger moment. Of all the tracks on “Earth-Sick”, “Serpent Verse” stands out with its complex composition and layers plus it features Sanders.

Gory Blister are no spring chickens to heavy metal as they have been around since the early 1990’s consequently keeping to the modus operandi and influence of that decade.  Their method works exceptionally well and allows for no fillers, removal of unnecessary samples and basically any bullshit is tolerated. It is all about the metal and nothing more. The production values are of good quality which results in a layered and textured sound. Another smooth achievement of the release is the track list.

Gory Blister’s “Earth-Sick” is released on 16 April 2012 and should be first on your priority list.

Gory Blister – Official Website