Gone Til Winter - The First SeasonManchester’s Gone Til Winter are a female fronted band whose “The First Season” is actually not too bad. Female fronted bands have some unique problems that their all male counterparts do not. For one, many see female fronted bands as marketing gimmicks: pretty faces and nothing more. Others see them as “false metal” and pretty much every other sexist comment you can think of, while still others have a creepy obsession over these bands.

One thing that most of these female fronted bands do share in common is a reliance on more pop sensibilities than heavy dynamics. While there are of course, exceptions to this rule (Arch Enemy, Nebelhexe for example), nevertheless most of these bands do have a reliance on pop conventions. As a result, I was fairly surprised when the first song that came ripping out of my speakers on “The First Season” was the crunchy and even Maiden-ish ‘Solemnise’. The vocalist, Talena Cuthbert, actually has a really nice voice which is similar in style to Marjen Welman of Autumn.

At first, I figured that ‘Solemnise’ might have been just a fluke, but no, the next song ‘Heat Signal’ also was a fairly crunchy number, although slightly more poppy than the last one, while the balance of the album fluctuates between pop and crunchy, with tons of catchy sing-along choruses. This makes for a fairly enjoyable album.

However, the reason the album is only getting a 6, is that I just do not hear enough that sets it apart from other bands of this ilk to warrant a higher review. Hopefully, on the next album the band gets a bit more original or writes some extra killer songs to distinguish themselves from the crowds of bands out there. The album is not bad, in fact it is quite good, it just doesn’t to have enough to set it apart from other similar bands is all.

While I’m not sure that Gone Till Winter have enough to distinguish themselves from the sea of other female fronted bands, they are fairly good and worth a listen at least. Check out “The First Season” when you’ve got a chance and see how you like them.

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