An unexpected heat wave settled on the streets of Sheffield, with picnics and beer gardens crammed on every street corner. Fixed to tear down the walls, the most talked-about quartet of 2012, Gojira were set to bring their eager onlookers the ride of their lives in conjunction of their highly anticipated new release, “L’Enfant Sauvage“.

Kicking off with the only support of the night we have London technical metallers The Safety Fire, quite fresh on the scene, with their complex layers and technicalities of sound. Supporting such a major act on this leg of their tour, served as quite an honour for these London lads, who announce their presence with tracks such as, “Animal King”, “Floods Of Colour”, “Circassian Beauties” and “Huge Hammers”, they bring appreciation from the crowd with their multifaceted structures and uncanny musicianship. Nervousness aside, they deliver the goods to the large crowd. A warm start to the night, and a good solid response all round.

While the heat and space begins to pack in full force, let’s have a little refresher. France is probably the least expected place to take over everyone’s ears when it comes to the metal music world. You would probably imagine sitting outside a café, coffee on the table and gawping at the Eiffel Tower. Things have shifted a gear since then. Deep in the picturesque lands of Bayonne, a new kind of monster shook the world. From unleashing five pulverising albums, chaos endured on their flawless show at Sonisphere Festival 2011, second DVD “The Flesh Alive” containing their many treats seen through their eyes, and their new opus “L’Enfant Sauvage” set to challenge 2012’s crown for best metal album, Gojira takes no prisoners, with their unique textures and detail that stands out from the skies and lands on Earth.

As “Space Time” drove through the amps, and thunder was despatched with “The Heaviest Matter Of The Universe”, carnage ensued on the floor. Smiles from defying leadman Joe Duplantier, machine man Mario Duplantier, grand backing guitarist Christian Andreu and roaring bassman Jean-Michel Labadie was evident to behold, as the massive tracks “Backbone” and “Remembrance” threatened to remove spines from the roaring masses.

Many chants later, the tickling of the guitars embedded with deep chugs of “Love” enraptured, and the spellbinding “Flying Whales” was the signal for Labadie to create a devastating war in the centre of the floor. Now, a sneak peek of their monstrous “L’Enfant Sauvage” and, from Joe Duplantier’s words, it was certainly special for these French heavyweights to expose to those present. Their new song “Explosia”, leaves spectators in awe, and hearing the many aspects as to why their resonance sounds perfect live and on record for the first time. The all-familiarly powerful “Oroborus” explodes in the ears and bodies of all, giving a free rein to a new wave of heavy, embedded and beaming through Sheffield with full force.

Another premiere from Gojira’s latest came in the form of “The Axe”, expectedly, it was fabulous to both eyes and ears. “Vacuity” is left, to everyone’s amazement, towards the immanent arrival of the encore. Groaning aside, the French power force step back on stage to implode with “Toxic Garbage Island”, and their final, and title track of their new record, “L’Enfant Sauvage”, brutalising Sheffield one last time.

Despite only being 10pm due to a club night, no soul is left unsatisfied after gratitude was flowing from Joe & Mario Duplantier, Christian Andreu & Jean-Michel Labadie to their fans.

According to Urban Dictionary, all courtesy of our friends at Thrash Hits, there is the word, Gojiramazing. It states “just how amazing the French metal band, Gojira, really are”. This night was no exception. The larger than life Frenchmen destroyed Sheffield with their shattering songs sounding impeccable live and on record. They were, quite literally, amazing. Gojiramazing, that is!