It’s almost impossible to think that anyone even remotely involved in the metal scene doesn’t know who Gojira are. Gojira have been working hard for close to 20 years, after bursting out the French music scene, they have risen up the ranks to sit now amongst the top tier of today’s metal bands.

Tonight’s show in Southampton is the second to last on the band’s current UK tour, their second this year in support of current album “L’enfant Sauvage” and judging by looks of it the crowd is in for somewhat of a treat, as I’m sure anyone who has ever seen Gojira live will attest to, they are quite possibly the heaviest live band on the planet today.

The great thing about a Gojira live show, is the sheer brutality with which the band plays such complex and heartfelt music, it genuinely does feel at times as if you are being trampled on by Godzilla, which is ironic given that’s where the bands name derives from. Not a single minute of their onstage time is wasted, and tonight they cull a crowd pleasing set that features material from the band’s best moments.

The material from “L’enfant Sauvage” sits perfectly next to the older material from “The Way of All Flesh” and “From Mars to Sirius,” in fact, the live setting is actually the perfect place for it as it takes on a life of it’s own, especially a track like ‘Liquid Fire’ and even the appropriately titled ‘Explosia’ both of which sound a lot more weighty here than they do on record.

Gojira also know how to have fun as well, as there is a moment about half way through the show where the Brothers Duplantier trade places, with Joe taking a seat behind the drums, with Mario taking up guitar and vocals for a track, which goes to show not only how stupidly talented they both are, but also that they know how to break things up a bit as well. It was also Guitarist Christian Andreu‘s birthday, which allowed the band to lead the audience in a chorus of Happy Birthday, proving a unique moment amongst all the metal madness.

However, I totally cannot justify the fact that I broke out into the Gangnam Style dance during ‘The Heaviest Matter of The Universe.’ I can tell you it looked awesome though, but novelty dance moves aside Gojira once again proved to the world at large that they are still without a doubt one of the tightest and most creative bands around in any genre and on any level. If you’ve never seen then them live, quite frankly you are robbing yourself of a gig going experience that very few other bands can even hope to match.

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Photos taken by Sabrina Ramdoyal.