godhunter-wolvesUnbearable tension in barely restrained riffs, pounding, constant war beats, a thundering, all encompassing bass walks and vocals that roar with conviction all serve to inform that Godhunter are serious about what they do.

Delivering sludgy hardcore with swamp-evocating textures, dirty Arizona motifs and a righteous anger, this young south-west quintet is setting the bar high with this second EP.

“Wolves” is a short work, but with an element of maturity that is instantly engaging. There’s a strong element of melodic sensibility underpinning each song that elevates this beyond contemporaries and it’s hard to resist the earthy charms and deep groove which characterise this release.

There’s a real southern charm that permeates this release and by the time the whiskey stained clean vocals kick in on final track, (the embarrassingly named) “Dead Hooker by the Side of the Road,” it would be the hard heart indeed that hadn’t been won over.

Ultimately, this is a release that suggests great promise and it’s going to be interesting to see where Godhunter go from here. As it stands, this is a release as varied as it is engrossing with each song bringing a different element to the table. As a sophomore EP with no album under their belts, this is entirely commendable and well worth support.

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