God Forbid - EquilibriumThe last couple of years have been quite eventful for New Jersey-based God Forbid. One of its founding members and key composers left the band on bad terms in 2009 and they had to face the pains of a label change as well. However, Doc Coyle and Co managed to come out on top of this and that’s reflected on their the latest God Forbid album, entitled “Equilibrium”.

Equilibrium is the Latin word for (new-found) balance and that’s exactly what the latest God Forbid album is all about. The band managed to find a fine balance between reaching out for greener musical pastures, while preserving their trademark sound as well. The Meshuggah-inspired “Don’t Tell Me What To Dream” is a fine example of God Forbid’s new-found confidence to enrich their musical palette.

The melodic and emotional depth of “Overcome”, “This Is Who I Am” and “Move On” signals another major leap in the songwriting department. Adding a power ballad in the form of the title track is another bold step. The death/thrash metal infused “A Few Good Men” and “Scraping The Walls” are other great moments. These are just a few examples of the diversity which characterises “Equilibrium”.

“My Rebirth”, “Conquer” and “Where We Come From” are a little more traditional. Those songs could easily be included on any of the previous albums. Moreover, the familiar bark of singer Byron Davis, the tasteful guitar playing by Doc Coyle and the massive clean-sung choruses are still very much in place, thus making “Equilibrium” a genuine God Forbid album. A special mention should go out to drummer Corey Pierce. His impeccable and inventive playing is the cement that keeps “Equilibrium” together. It also adds a wonderful sense of playfulness to the album.

The production duties of “Equilibrium” are expertly handled by Mark Lewis (Trivium, DevilDriver). He gave the album a massive and in-your-face sound, which really enhances its inherent power and aggression.

“Equilibrium” has all the hallmarks of a great album. It sounds fresh, the songwriting is tight, new corners are taken and the individual band members gave it their all. What more can you ask for? “Equilibrium” is truly one of the defining highlights in metal this year. In the field of modern and contemporary metal it simply doesn’t get better than this!

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