Goatwhore - Blood for the MasterIf you don’t know Goatwhore, the fact that they were named Best Hard Rock/ Metal Artist of 2010 at The Big Easy Awards last April should impress you. It should impress you enough to go out and pick up Blood for the Master when it drops on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2012. For all you guys out there – this is the perfect pressie for your sweet heart! Or at least, if she’s a raving metal head like me, it’s the perfect pressie!

Goatwhore‘s album “Blood for the Master” opens on a frenetic note. Louis B Falgoust II has some pretty wicked chops. ‘Collapse in Eternal Worth’ is fast paced and full of head banging circle pit intensity.  Sammy Duet creates a wall of sound and Zack Simmons is simply brilliant! The opening track makes me go “SQUEEEEEEEEEE!” When it careens into ‘When Steel and Bone Meet ,’ I’m ready to go wild! This song is just heavy, it’s like they channel Motörhead, which is kinda funny since they covered Motörhead‘s ‘(Don’t Need) Religion’ back in October.  It’s that wicked and heavy and groovy…

‘Parasitic Scriptures of the Sacred Word‘ has some awesome guitar riffage and a forward motion that just propels the listener into head banging frenzy. The playing is solid and the band is tight. ‘In Deathless Tradition’ is a bitchen’ metal song that has some pretty nifty chunky guitar playing. Louis again growls through the track and it’s almost scary in execution. He makes it sound as if something evil is coming to get you. Bring it on! At 3:43 the song does some monstrous guitar work. You gotta check it out!

‘Judgement of the Bleeding Crown’ opens with some jaw dropping drumming by Zack Simmons. It’s amazing that he keeps the pace like this for the whole song. He’s like the Energizer Bunny on 11. The whole composition is just vicious! OMFG song after song becomes my favourite track! Again, Louis‘ vocals are just stunning and Duet‘s guitar work incredible.

‘Embodiment of This Bitter Chaos’ opens with some beautiful guitar work that reminds me of old Testament. It’s eerie and haunting before your ears are assaulted with a heavy melodic offering. ‘Beyond the Spell of Discontent,’ ‘Death to The Archetects of Heaven,’ and ‘An End to Nothing’ are more scorchers. The disk closes with ‘My Name Is Frightful Among the Believers.’ OMFG! It’s fast. Really really fast! The drumming. The vocals. The guitars. Everything is just so gobsmackingly menacing.

I hope you like sinister vocals, wicked guitars, and heavy drums. This is what “Blood For The Master” offers you. If you can only afford one album with February’s pay check, make it Goatwhore‘s “Blood For The Master.”

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