Ginger Wildheart - 100%When it was announced about a year ago that Ginger Wildheart would be recording and releasing an album as part of the Pledge Music Project (which has seen similar projects by Earthtone9 and One Minute Silence) interest spread like wildfire and it quickly became the biggest success the site had seen. Racking up 100% of the target in a matter of hours, the success continued and was eventually stopped by the band when it reached 555% (5 being the frontman’s lucky number). Pledgers before this number was reached were lucky enough to get the full three album release, and anyone after that had to make do with this twelve track compilation.

The album is another example of why Ginger is one of the most prolific and gifted songwriters of his generation. Three recording sessions with varying line ups and a different approach to each lead to three very different sets of songs, what we have here is the tracklisting the pledgers voted for as their highlights.

Opening with the ‘Forget About It’ and ‘Internal Radio’ we a treated to all the trademarks you would expect, heavy yet melodic riffs and choruses that will stay in your head for days after just a couple of listens. ‘Taste Aversion’ throws in a melancholic piano led intro before taking several different directions, Laila Khan (Sonic Boom Six) vocals on ‘Westward Ho’ bring something else to an already diverse collection of songs.

From the various projects he has been involved in, Ginger has proven he likes to try something different every now and again, and there is more proof of that approach on this release. ‘Another Spinning Fucking Rainbow’ with its almost electro beat and chanted verses morphs into a chorus that wouldn’t have been out of place on the country inspired Howlin’ Willie album ‘World Of Filth’ from a few years back.

Overall, “100%” is an album which crosses many genre boundaries without ever seeming out of place. The album closer ‘Time’ is a seven minute epic and perfectly proves this point and rounds off an album that would be a sure-fire album of the year contender for me, if it wasn’t for the fact that 555% contains 18 more songs of equal quality.

There are few people who could attempt something so eclectic and make it work so well. A perfect example of Ginger’s versatility as a songwriter and composer, it’s just a damn shame that that talent isn’t appreciated on a wider scale.

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