The gorebrigade of medical malpractice are back with a vengeance. General Surgery is a goregrind act from Sweden and formed in 1988 and after being inactive for 11- 12 years they reformed to released their first full-length album in 2006. “Left Hand Pathology” is the title of their first full-length and soon followed up in 2009 by “Corpus In Extremis: Analysing Necrocriticism”, both goregrind classics in my humble opinion. However, it is that time again, boys and girls of goregrind! “Like An Every Flying Limb” is the bound for release on November 6th on a 7” and is destined to crush your bones to dust with 5 tracks of slab dropping carnage from start to finish.

The band has always had some pretty good track names and I find their wordplay sheer genius. After all, they are surgeons in their own right when it comes to goregrind. Consider the play on words of  ‘The League of Extraordinary Grave Robbers’ and of course that very gory visual image inherit in track titles such as ‘Arterial Spray Obsession’. The band is also overly fond of audio snippets as intros to their works of gore, which always contributes to the atmosphere.

Getting my hands and ears for that matter drenched in blood, “Like An Every Flying Limb” has all the raw intensity and ferociousness of previous releases. The guitar work on ‘Ejected Viscous Mucus’ is particularly immaculate. The vocal work (even better live just FYI) contributes to that unmistakable General Surgery touch and signature sound. As per usual you can expect the lyrics to be filled with gore stories of the medical related horror, and they are scary accurate.

These guys definitely do their homework when writing their lyrics.

The album includes a track called ‘Seizures’, and just by looking at the length of the song (41 seconds) the grindcore influence is unmistakable. The other tracks however have a very death metal edge to them which adds to the over all sound of this work of carnage. The EP also picks off right where “Corpus In Extremis: Analysing Necrocriticism” left off.

All and all, the 10 minutes or so of sheer gore ripping atrocity is well worth a listen and one of my favourite releases of the year, even if it is only an EP. If you like bands such as Carcass, Repulsion and Bloodbath, I would highly recommend you carve you scalpel into this gore abomination. In the name of science and medicine of course.

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