Gazpacho - March Of GhostsGazpacho is a cold tomato-based raw vegetable soup, originally from the Andalusia region in Spain. It’s also the name of a renowned Norwegian progressive/art rock band from Oslo. With several critically acclaimed under their belt this outfit is about to unveil their latest masterpiece, entitled “March Of Ghosts.”

I don’t like to use superlatives in my reviews, unless it’s really warranted. “March Of Ghosts” by Gazpacho is one of those rare albums where you instantly get the feeling there’s something magical going on. It’s all about little nuances, like well-placed guitar solos, soaring vocal lines and subtle changes in pace and atmosphere. The contemplative nature of Jan-Henrik Ohme’s vocals serves as the perfect guide through this emotive musical journey.

Another distinctive feature are the folk elements in songs, like ‘Hell Freezes Over II’, ‘Gold Star’ and ‘Black Lilly’. It’s gives “March Of Ghosts” an unintended Irish/Scottish feel. It also adds to the overall melancholic and introspective nature of the music. What I really like is the looming darkness in songs, like ‘What Did I Do’, ‘Golem’ and ‘Hell Freezes IV’. Unlike many counterparts in the metal realm Gazpacho doesn’t need massive guitar walls to get their message across. Their keen sense for dynamics and top-notch songwriting skills gets the job done. In that regard the band has a lot common with latter-day Anathema, The Gathering and Oceansize (RIP).

“March Of Ghosts” by Gazpacho is an album for the quieter moments in life. It’s incredibly rich in texture and atmosphere without becoming overbearing or inaccessible. This is progressive/atmospheric rock at its very best!

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