Garbage - Not Your Kind Of PeopleFormed in the mid-90s, when bands like S Club 7 and Steps ruled the roost, but deep inside the alternative rock scene was a band called Garbage, in which their front woman Shirley Manson was keeping that female fronted rock chick spirit alive.

And now, Garbage are back with their sixth studio album “Not Your Kind Of People” and it’s safe to say that even after a five year wait since the last album, the apple hasn’t fallen too far from the tree as their sound is still as young, and fresh as it was back when they formed.

The track ‘Automatic Systematic Habit’ brings out the synthesizers and electrifying guitars. The poppy vocals and electronic beats add an anthemic vibe which is something that Garbage never fails to do.

‘Big Bright World’ and ‘Blood For Poppies’ have a sort of ‘out of this world’ sense about them with the electronic, space themed melodies coming from the synthesizers. Taking it down a notch is the track ‘Control’ which strikes up the piano’s before blaring into a heavy, thunderous beat with explosive guitars. This track stands out above the rest and gives the album just enough variety to stop you getting bored.

The space theme turns to more ‘spaced out’ when ‘Not Your Kind Of People’ and ‘I Hate Love’ come on, leaving you in this wondrous trance that you can’t break out of.  Before finally the final track ‘Beloved Freak’ comes on, ending this album on a high note, with Manson singing those words “this little light of mine” over and over in her sweet, innocent voice; it almost sends you to sleep.

With bands like Paramore and Flyleaf being the new craze in terms of female fronted acts, and they aren’t quite your cup of tea and you want something a little more old school, “Not Your Kind Of People” may be the answer to your prayers. “Not Your Kind Of People” hit the shelves on May 14th via Cooperative Music, so get your copy today while it’s fresh on the market.

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