Furyborn - The Reaping of our DaysThe debut EP from UK metal band Furyborn hits right between the eyes, a thunderous brute of a release that shows no mercy or inclination to take it easy on its recipients. The band has been building a fine reputation throughout 2011 with their live appearances and with “The Reaping Of Our Days,” the Dorset quintet show they have just as much muscle and quality in their studio work as they have when blasting an audience.

Formed from the ashes of various other bands Furyborn came together to create a sound inspired by their various individual influences and loves. The result is a commanding and demanding sound with an intensity that withers all in its path. With distinct influences taken from the likes of Fear Factory, Divine Heresy, Soilwork, In Flames and Scar Symmetry to name a few of their inspirations, the band has shaped and wielded a mighty bruising cacophony of energy and power upon the EP that is sure to grab them much more attention. Admittedly, the release is not particularly groundbreaking or openly risk taking but throughout its length there is never a dull or overtly predictable moment either.

Sharing stages with the likes of Napalm Death, The Defiled, Romeo Must Die, Malefice, Revoker, Ted Maul, as well as an appearance at Bloodstock Open Air 2011 set the rapidly spinning wheels of interest in the band in motion, their tight explosive skill and intensity marking them as a formidable new entrant into UK metal. “The Reaping Of Our Days” is the confirmation and though one feels there is plenty more for the band to discover and explore within themselves to find their own distinct musical personality, the EP is a powerful base to start from.

The brief and well crafted melodic instrumental ‘The Reaping’ opens the release and immediately sets a thoughtful and melodic atmosphere to ease into. The beauty is soon crushed beneath the following ‘The Blind Leading The Blind’ as Furyborn let us have it will full artillery and devastating might. Eager melodies vein the pummelling from drums and bass, Jamie Dowding and Matt Wilson having no respect for the health of their listeners.  Vocalist Jut Tabor enters the fray with vocal chords growling and releasing deeply seated venom, all combined to bring an openly intensity. As the song evolves guitarists Nick ‘Shred’ Richardson and Ollie Roberts exploit the ear with crippling riffs and alluring intricate scorched melodies, locking both extremes into a tasty mix which flows with ease. Once the clean vocals then join the assault the track turns once more to forge a rounded concise bulk.

‘Through Degradation & Decay’ stands up next to separate the senses from any feeling and is a thorough joy, easily the best track on the release. There is a definite Fear Factory /Arkaea feel throughout especially with again excellent clean vocals veining the song. This is the track that defines the belief there is a lot more potential within Furyborn, its triumphant manipulation of riffs, acidic guitar invention, and djent bordering enterprise topped with a fully pleasing sweep of vocal extremes, a numbing yet deep feast for the ear.

The remaining couple of songs ‘Medal Of Dishonour’ and ‘This Fury Reborn’ plunder the senses just as incessantly and with as much open appetite to abuse as what came before. The bass of Wilson is a stand-out feature of the first of the two songs, though to be honest he is a highlight throughout the EP and it is pleasing to see the production allowing him to be heard clearly, something many other releases have neglected to consider lately. Neither song can match the previous two but still satisfy more than enough to keep the release at a formidable height.

“The Reaping Of Our Days” is an excellent debut from Furyborn. It is a statement of their current explosive creativity and of greater more distinct things to come. Though the release does not offer anything decisively new here it stands tall amongst other similar genre offerings.

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