Fozzy - Sin And BonesBy now everyone should know who Fozzy are, if not then Google them, there is no need to tread old ground here. For the initiated amongst you, then no doubt you will have witnessed the rise of Fozzy first hand, from parody covers band all the way until this past June when the band played to 20,000 eager punters during an electrifying performance on the Download Festival‘s second stage.

“Sin and Bones” is the bands fifth full length album and the follow up to 2010’s “Chasing the Grail,” the first thing I can say assuredly is that “Sin and Bones” blows that album out of the water and then some.

Opener, ‘Spider In My Mouth’ begins in a very similar style to ‘Nightmare’ by Avenged Sevenfold with a music box style intro playing incy wincy spider, before exploding in a hail of driving guitars, and from the get go its obvious Fozzy aren’t messing around this time. The lead single incidentally carries on the Avenged Sevenfold theme by featuring their vocalist M. Shadows in a cameo spot, which works surprisingly well, as he and Chris Jericho share some great vocal interplay, the song is also pretty catchy, and was clearly designed for stadiums.

Stadium rock appears to be the mission statement written all over this album, taking its cue as much from Iron Maiden and Judas Priest as it does more modern bands like Bullet For My Valentine and the aforementioned Avenged Sevenfold, this album is chock full of meaty riffs and catchy as an STD in the summer time choruses, that all add together to add yet another layer to Fozzy overall sound and ultimate overall appeal.

The quality of the songwriting seems to have improved since the last time out as well, tracks like ‘Blood Happens,’ and the title track demonstrate a harder edge, whereas ‘Inside my Head’ and ‘A Passed Life’ show a softer side to the band, the latter in particular wouldn’t sound out of place on an Iron Maiden album, it really showcases how far the band has come and provides the album with an amazing centrepiece in the process.

Its not only the musicianship that has stepped up on “Sin and Bones,” but frontman Chris Jericho has also delivered the best vocal performance of his career on this album. Jericho seems to have found his voice and really goes through a range of vocal styles here, and lands somewhere in between M. Shadows and Sebastian Bach, he does manage to hit a ridiculous amount of high notes on this album which is quite a feat in itself.

“Sin and Bones” is the definitive Fozzy album, one that shows just how far the band has come over the last couple of years, demonstrating just how serious the band is about their craft whilst also proving many of the haters wrong in the process. With “Sin and Bones,” Fozzy finally has a collection of songs that stands the test of time and that is able to go hand in hand with the bands reputation as being such a dynamic and energetic live band.

On “Sin and Bones” Fozzy have finally come of age, no longer a band aping their idols and living in the shadows, but a band fully formed, standing in the light, toe to toe with all the great bands that have helped pave their way with their heads held high knowing that they have earned the right to stand beside them as equals.

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