Cryptopsy - Cryptopsy [Review]The new eponymous album from Cryptopsy has seen the Canadian extreme metallers return to form. ThisIsNotAScene‘s Raymond caught up with Cryptopsy drummer Flo Mounier for a quick chat. They talked about the new album, line-up changes, the writing and recording process and much, much more…

Hi Flo, thank for doing this interview. The new Cryptopsy album is a magnificant return to form. Are you happy the way it came out?

Yes, I am quite happy with the way it came out. We worked hard on the songs and the recording to make sure that it would be close to what our expectations were. Most importantly this album was fun to write and record!

Can you put things in perspective for the readers what happened with the band after the release of “The Unspoken King” up until the current day?

Well, we continued to do what we have always done after our last release which was to tour and play shows. During that period there was a lot of changes in the line-up because we felt that some people were dragging the band down musically and mentally. So after some changes I called Jon Levasseur to see if he wanted to come back and do some writing with me. We have always had an amazing compositional chemistry so it was with great pleasure that we started the process for what is now the new release.

The new album is a good mixture of older Cryptopsy albums, like “None So Vile” and “Whisper Supremacy,” but the modern production gives it a contempary feel. How do you see things?

I see it as Cryptopsy writing with one of the best line-ups we have ever had and yes using elements from the past and present to make something that we enjoy.

Jon Levasseur returned to the band as well. What impact did that have on the new album?

Like I mentioned above, it has a lot of impact on the writing of the songs. He came up with the majority of riffs for this release and him and I have great communication in the writing process so it made things easy and fun.

How did the writing and recording sessions go for the new album, compared to previous experiences?

It was the funnest process yet. Writing began at my place, just Jon and I trying to jam. When we started coming up with song after song the rest of the band got very motivated and did their part to contribute. Recording was easy cause everyone was on the same page and extremely prepared. We spent more time on the mix and master then on the tracking for sure.

You’re regarded as one of the best drummers in the extreme metal scene. How do you deal with that status and how do you keep your chops up to standard?

I think it’s very flattering and quite appreciated. I am my own worst critic, that’s why I continuously try to improved my playing, and believe me I sill have an infinite amount of work to do!!!

Cryptopsy used to be signed to Century Media, but the new album is released independently. What’s behind this?

The decision came from being signed to a huge label over the years. No seriously though, it’s simple logic, we have an international market so all we really need is a product for that market. With the help of Clawhammer Promo, Revolution Harmony rec., JVC Japan, Galy rec., and Plastichead distro we have chosen to release ourselves. Our fans get our product through us, very simple.

You also handled the drum duties on the Nader Sadek album. How did you land that gig and how do you look back on it?

Nader had asked me for a while to do this project and when the right time came I accepted. Working with the likes of Steve Tucker and Rune Erickson was enough motivation for me. We had a blast and wrote an album that is unique. Let’s see if we can do something like that again in the future.

Montreal has a very rich extreme metal scene. What are bands we should really look out for?

Too many bands here worth mentioning, naming just a few is not fair. Out of respect for old guys like me, check out the new Gorguts!!!!

Time for the final question. What is next in terms of touring and possible other projects?

We are waiting on interesting touring offers for Cryptopsy, and should be on the road quite a bit in 2013.

New Temple of Thieves album should be finished soon so check that out.

Thanks for the support!

Thanks Ray.

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