Flayed Disciple - Death HammerHaving heard their two track EP a while back I purchased the Flayed Disciple album, “Death Hammer” as soon as it came out (way before the review copy was received here at TINAS). My reaction on first playing it as the sampled noise began was “Oh no – they’ve done one of those 2 minute intro tracks”. Why do bands do that these days? It’s not a proper song and it’s not just a brief twenty second build-up – it’s a waste of time and delays getting to the meat and potatoes of the album. So, it starts and….wait…what’s this? RIFFS and more riffs and all the drums and – yes – it’s a stupendous intro that sets the pace for the whole platter.

This album starts as it means to go on, with a constant barrage of riffs so catchy that they are as infectious as the zombie plague. Tim Whyte‘s guttural vocals and Phil Tolfree‘s double kick assault are the very essence of death metal, whilst the twin guitar attack is a pure thrashgasm. The blend works perfectly and gives extra menace to their sound whilst never being lost in a flurry of blastbeats or piggy-squealing screams.

Highlights include ‘The Westboro Massacre’ – a beautiful slab of precision thrash with furious double kick drumming and a fine lead break that leaves me in no doubt that Thurston and Jon are fans of Dave Murray.

‘Interceptor’ boasts a riff so good that Exodus will wish they’d thought of it and ‘Ejaculate While Killing’ is sublime in its ugliness and ferocity. Calling to mind some of my favourite Bay Area heroes as well as some of Florida’s finest death dealers, but never ever sounding derivative or forced, this is an album I keep coming back to again and again.

Having seen them live in a tiny club as well as on the second stage at the Bloodstock festival earlier this year I guarantee you this Taunton five-piece are even more devastating live. There is no shortage of good new metal coming from the UK at the moment, but bands as great as this are few and far between. Help guarantee you get to hear more of these guys by coughing up a few of your hard-earned £$ and grabbing a copy of this.

The band will be performing at Hammerfest 2013.

Flayed Disciple – Official Website