Fit For A King are a Christian band from Texas. Oh yeah, and they play metalcore too. Now, personally I have no problem with Christianity in metal. Why should I? Some people try to use the argument that religion doesn’t belong in metal. I call bullshit, as there are at least a few thousand hardcore satanic band which are every bit as religious as the Christian bands. In my mind, I could care less about their religious beliefs, and actually hold a lot of respect for anyone who’s willing to proclaim themselves Christian in this genre. Tons of respect for that.

However, the metalcore thing is a bit hard for me to take. You see, aside from As I Lay Dying (whose absolutely classic album “Frail Words Collapse” is more akin to classic In Flames than metalcore), Trivium (if you can even call them metalcore) and Killswitch Engage, I really am not a fan of the metalcore genre.

My first listen to “Descendants” did nothing to change my mind on this point. I kept wanting to throw my computer through the window as each song came on-Not because it rocked, but because I just couldn’t stand it. The good cop/bad cop vocals and breakdowns just don’t set well with me personally. When the album finally ended I logged into TINAS and was all set to write a scathing review. But…

For some reason I didn’t. Call it the will of God or whatever you want, but I figured I should give the album another spin or two as I didn’t want to be accused of slandering the band just because they were Christian or even worse I did not give their music a fair shake. Being a one and done reviewer is not something I strive for.

Good thing I did because the next time I put the album on it was like hearing completely different songs. The songs were pretty standard metalcore, but this time I was finding the songs catchy and at times even (gasp) likable! It’s not as if I thought this album was the best thing I’d ever heard, but it was definitely listenable now and I could even now see why someone might like metalcore.

If you’re a fan of metalcore you should give these guys a listen. Songs like ‘Unchanging’ and ‘Hollow Eyes’ even made this jaded headbanger smile, which is a tough feat with a genre of music that I hate.

Fit For A King – Facebook Page