Field Rotation - Acoustic TalesIf I had to use just one word to describe “Acoustic Tales” by Field Rotation it would be that… glorious. This release, on the Fluid Audio label (which is run by Daniel Crossley the chap behind the fab online radio station and website Fluid Radio), is my kind of soundscape… firmly and effortlessly in the intersection of ambient, neo-classical and electronic sounds.

It is a vibrant and immersive soundtrack for life… with a really haunting and deeply engaging atmosphere.

From the off, drones… organ… harp… snares and deep timpani drums all complement a subtle piano-led melody… before airy drones take the listener back towards a sustained single chord on a church organ. This is just the first track… and what an introduction it is. The use of sound on this release is fascinating… take the second “Acoustic Tale” where subtle almost-glitchy beats play to a melancholic violin, piano & strings. Waves of sound ebb and flow… the melody becomes intoxicating… grasping the listener like a love and holding them tight. Truly beautiful. Truly glorious.

I could talk at length about the instrumentation… their approach to sound and Field Rotation‘s ability to push the boundaries of ambient and neo-classical music… but I won’t. “Acoustic Tales” is a release that needs to be heard… that needs to be consumed by the listener and re-contextualised to fit their life. Only then will the listener fully appreciate what I am trying to say. This is future music… music that takes my breath away… truly glorious in every facet.

It deserves to soundtrack the very best… the most intimate… the unique moments in the listener’s life. It deserves to be cherished as only the very best music is… this has the ability… the potential to spoken of in the same sentence as Gorecki‘s “Third” and DJ Shadow‘s “Entroducing”. Yes, it is that good… it is that glorious.

If you appreciate ambient, neo-classical and/or electronic soundscapes and don’t already own this release then please, please do yourself a favour a buy this album. Let it intoxicate you as it has me. Let it seep into your very waking conscious and become as cherished to you as it now is to me.

Field Rotation – Official Website