Feorm - FeormFeorm is a music collective from Norfolk who pride themselves on making music that is fresh and free from genres, and make much of this happening in a barn. Sorry, “a dimly-lit barn heated only by the warmth of their amplifiers”, where jams are quickly refined from an idea then recorded in one or two takes to “capture that magic of improvisation”.

Of course the danger in writing and recording a song in less than half an hour, is that you lose the magic of practising and refining that song and of giving it characteristics such as a melody and structure. The reason bands work on songs is to make them better, not because they are too stupid to realise that the best version was the first one.

Improvisation can work very well, but that’s generally because it’s an improvised interpretation of an existing line, or it’s a sprawling, evolving, droney, noisy mash of sounds. If it just sounds like a couple of people noodling and sketching out some basic chord progressions, beats and sounds, then there’s a good chance it will sound incomplete.

There’s no doubt there are some beautiful and intriguing ideas in this record. The band members hum along together very nicely and come up with some good interaction around themes. I quite enjoyed it as some pleasant relaxed rock the first two times I played it, but certain aspects started to bother me after about three or four spins, some related to these not being fully developed songs, and some related to their love of Krautrock. In essence, the songs go nowhere, show little variation in pace, and the lines are all needlessly repetitious.

This record is indeed a collection of jams. What needs to happen is to turn them into songs.

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