Fastkill - Bestial Thrashing BulldozerApart from the hilarious album title “Bestial Thrashing Bulldozer,” I asked to review this album as I have a penchant for Japanese rock music. I hope I’m not guilty of stereotyping for saying that the best Japanese bands have a habit of holding a funhouse mirror up to the tropes of musical genres and producing interesting distortions. From Damo Suzuki and Acid Mothers Temple to Bo Ningen, Japanese bands have created some of my most cherished musical experiences.

Fastkill‘s genre is old school thrash and they seem to be jumping on the bandwagon lead by Municipal Waste of trying to recreate the naive charms of the early years. They have random metal generator song titles such as ‘Die In The Pentagram’ and ‘Merciless Onslaught’ and an album cover featuring a beer-drinking skeleton driving a tank.

What’s not to like?! Well, basically the music. Fastkill play perfectly adequate early Slayer imitations with a slightly strained high pitched vocal on top. It’s mildly grating, devoid of any great songs or riffs and all I can say in it’s defence is that it’s all over quite quickly.

Fastkill have a track here called ‘In Thrash We Trust,’ but if they’re so keen on keeping this genre alive then they’ll need to do more than just play along in a similar fashion. More invention and dare I say it, talent is needed.

Disappointing, but I guess it serves me right really for having unrealistic expectations of them.

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