Fallen Fate - The Virus Has SpreadFor the last couple of years Darlington based Fallen Fate have been making some pretty impressive moves through the UK metal scene.  From early plays on internet radio stations (which is where I first encountered them), right through to playing the Download Festival in consecutive years, releasing the fine “Revengance” EP, and then most recently supporting UK thrash legends Onslaught on their tour late last year.  Their first full length offering “The Virus Has Spread” is set to continue this upward trend in their fortunes.

After the brief intro, ‘Downfall’ opens up the album lead by a colossal riff and some machine gun drumming from John Wright. This track sets the template for what is to come over the next fifty minutes, and it keeps up the frenetic pace throughout. Evening out the sound is the rumbling bass of Peter Hodgson along with some exquisite solo work from Piers Donno-Fuller and Lee Skinner, which adds a more technical element to the aural assault that shows that this band have a complete idea of what they want to do and are aren’t afraid to mix things up or try something a bit different.

There are many moments on this record that show the band wear their influences on their sleeve. There are some very old school thrash moments, added to some more modern bands and genres, which when melded together form one of the most professional débuts I have heard from a band in a long time. The production is superb, very clear, yet also allows that rawness to come through to add an extra menace to the songs. Along with ‘Downfall’, the stand out tracks for me are ‘Decendancy’ and the quite possible The Crow inspired ‘Victim’s Aren’t We All’, but it is difficult to pick out too many as it is a strong album with very little in the way of filler.

In the last few years, the recent thrash revival has produced a lot of albums, some great, some not so, but this is at the right end of that spectrum. A decent first full length, a good progression from their previous release and shows that there is a lot more to come from this band. Along with the likes of Evile and Gama Bomb, this band have a lot to offer and a maturity that belies the youth of this band. Well worth a listen, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. The band have also recently released a photo biography and are well on the way to writing the follow up, so no doubt there will be much more to come from Fallen Fate.

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