Fair Warning - Best And MoreLeave your brains at the door folks; you definitely won’t need it for the next two hours as Germany’s Fair Warning bring you the cheesiest collection of songs known to mankind. The cynical amongst you would disregard this album as pompous over-the-top cack eternally trapped in 1987. You would, of course, be partly right; however, this is an inescapable grin-inducing likeability to Fair Warning that will leave you loving this histrionic anthology but at the same time feeling dirty for doing so. Genius it is not and the predictable and cringe worthy guitar solos will leave you reaching for the nearest bucket, but there is a feel-good atmosphere that will leave a smile on your face.

Split over two CD’s, this is a portentous pop-rock caper that spans an impressive twenty year career that has largely gone unnoticed. Things start as they mean to go on with “Burning Heart” a rock epic that despite being instrumentally underwhelming will have you singing along no matter how much of a miserable lump you are. Featuring previously unreleased material like the bluesy number “Rock n Roll”, if you’re not foot-tapping to this little ditty by the end then I’m afraid you have no soul. The inclusion of live material from their relatively recent release “Talking Ain’t Enough: Live in Tokyo” does give the album a distinct cash-in stench, and after half an hour you do have the urge to bash you head against a wall. But, stick with it and you’ll discover that, whilst not being particularly awe-inspiring, “Best And More” is a carefree compilation of guilty pleasures that will slap a smile on even the most miserable faces.

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