We sent Gilbert from ThisIsNotAScene to interview Fabrice Cornille from French progressive stoner rock band Glowsun. We’ve made a couple of small changes to the wording of the responses, recognising that Fabrice‘s English is still a thousand times better than Gilbert‘s French.

Glowsun has seen a few lineup changes in your 15 years. How long have you had the current lineup and what musical and band experience does each of you bring?

We have had this line-up since 2005. We started off playing with 2 guitars and drums, with a gig in the street during “La fête de la musique” in Lille our home city. It’s like a big jam every year where during one day you can make music everywhere in the street. Ronan the bass player started off as one of the guitarists and before playing with Johan, Ronan and me were in a band name Attack of Mutant Camel – a stoner rock band with a girl singer.

Before that I was drummer in a southern rock cover band. Quickly we had a good feeling and Ronan picked up the bass to form the actual line-up.

What is the first album you bought with your own money as a kid?

For me it was the first album from Iron Maiden. I think I was 10 year.

Ronan, King Crimson – “In the Court of the King Crimson”

Johan, it was a cassette of Suicidal Tendencies – “I Feel Like Shit”

At what age do you think we develop our musical tastes or do you think our tastes change dramatically during our lives?

Really, I don’t know the age, but I think fortunately our musical tastes develop because life would be sad if we were obliged to listen just one style.

What do you think most influences your music?

I think it’s very important that we have many common tastes but I think what has been good for our band is also our different influences, this is what it gives us the end result. Of course, our influences in common are bands like: The Heads, Fu Manchu, Yawning Man etc. but there are many more… after that it’s really like a big mix.

Smoking weed and composing, playing and listening to music have gone together hand in hand for decades, as has art, which of course Johan produces as well as playing in Glowsun. Why do you think indulging in art and weed is still a popular way of life despite the chaos and intensity of today’s society?

Really I have no idea, it’s like it’s coming from the sixties and seventies I guess. For us, it’s not our way to create our universe. We don’t need to smoke to feel where we want to guide our music.

Do you write music when you’re stoned or straight?

We are clean when we compose, we drink lots of beer but nothing else.

I find your new record Eternal Season so relaxing but very strong and powerful– like a cocoon or womb that protects me from the world around, while a lot of stoner music drags me into a word of intensity and despair. When you write, is there a certain feeling or emotion you want to share with listeners? Is there a particular story you want to tell?

For us all, our tracks are like some invitation to trip in our universe, it starts with the artwork, then with the music, like the sensation you feel… It’s a great pleasure for us, how you described what you feel with our sounds, it’s exactly what we want to transmit.

Eternal Season was released through Napalm Records after you signed with them quite recently. Is recording something you never had a lot of time for in the past or are there other reasons this is only your second record?

Well, yes we know that the time was long into these two albums but we played a lot of gigs during this period, all over Europe and we needed time for life, two of us have kids.

What do you hope this record will do for the band?

We hope a good promotion for the band and the new album, it’s good for us, if Glowsun can be discovered by many people all over the world.

Some bands find the recording process a fun experience while others hate it. Some are happy with the outcome and others are never happy with the final cut. How was it for you?

For us, the recording process is always a good experience we like. This allows you to approach the music in a different way and to have another view on the composition, and sometimes it happens that we develop some ideas that were not fully resolved before fixing in the studio.

You have just finished the Up In Smoke Volume IV tour. Can you tell us about the whole Up In Smoke project?

Yeah, it was a really cool time, all the gigs were very good. We spent a lot of fun times with all the crew. Touring by bus is very cool because you can sleep where you want and when you want, that is very appreciable.

What was the most memorable thing someone came up and said to you after a performance during the tour?

Please come to play for my birthday party!!!

What’s the next thing planned for Glowsun?

Well we are already working on new tracks, and for the next year we have a new tour in spring and many festivals.

So let’s Rock On!


Glowsun – Facebook Page.