With a name like Evokateur what one imagines they are going to get and what the new “Crows’ Wedding” EP from the band delivers is something distinctly different. The name suggests sounds with a gothic intent, a sophisticated darkness and stylistic simplicity and in many ways you do get that, but mostly the release offers elegant and mesmeric weaves of electronic pop. This unexpected surprise takes a few listens to deal with, not because the music is of an inferior quality but just because too often our minds anticipates and expects one thing, then has to work through the ‘disappointment’ of being given something very different.

Consisting of the vibrant and graceful voice of Sarah Villaraus alongside the expressive music of Hector Villaraus, Evokateur treats the ear to soulful light sounds which sweep one up into their tender emotional soundscapes. To be honest the husband and wife duo do not offer much for hardened metallers or those wishing for something experimental or strikingly provocative, but for those with a heart for atmospheric electronic  creativity “Crows’ Wedding” is a inviting experience.

“Crows’ Wedding” is the first of a trilogy of EPs released in the coming months by the band and follows their critically acclaimed singles ‘Wolf Girl’ and ‘Same As You’. This latter track also opens up this new release, the song spotting the ear with vibrant synth melodies as Sarah weaves within them with her fragrant tones. The track has a nicely controlled drive, the pop element glittering amongst the emotive sounds that lie warmly upon the ear. It is not a song to get over excited about but it does have a pleasing mesmeric charm.

‘Wild Flowers’ carries on with the same intent and emotion as the opener, and again is a song that flows easily and invitingly without igniting any deep reactions. With a passion and heart to the slower tapestry of smooth enveloping sounds, the track is a pleasant acquaintance rather than a new best friend but enjoyable all the same with Hector’s sounds engaging and dancing with the senses with a thoughtful ease.

The remaining two songs on the EP are the best and more suggestive of the darker side to the band and where they can go if they choose. ‘Misery’ is a brooding song, haunting synths littered with poking beats wrapping around the senses.  Sarah’s voice can do nothing less than bring a glow to a song but here Hector tempers that well with searching darker feelings within his composition to bring a resourceful blend.

‘Undone’ is a more experimental track, its industrial lined base sound offering a slight Nine Inch Nails lilt. As on all songs there is an 80’s feel to the song and at times reminded of early Mute bands like The Normal and Fad Gadget though the vocals make sure there is a distinct difference.

Evokateur and “Crows’ Wedding” is with doubt a release to investigate, if electronic and lighter melodic industrial sounds tease your taste buds, the music here well crafted and beautifully delivered. For those warm relaxing sultry summer nights this would be the perfect addition to that glass of wine.

Evokateur – Official Website