Evokateur - Chime HoursEvokateur are a dynamic three-piece band hailing from London, and with their dream like melodies and reminiscent lyrics, this small unsigned band are holding their own against the bigger electro-pop groups in the UK. The most stand-out feature in this band is the doll-like vocals of Sarah Villaraus who shares the same vocal sounds as The Dresden Doll’s front-woman Amanda Palmer.

The track ‘1984’ describes the new EP “Chime Hours” without even having to listen to it. With its elongated electronic drone it’s like sitting in a time machine and being transformed back to the 80s where light hearted disco music began. Imagine Within Temptation crossed with Mike Oldfield but with a more hypnotic rhythm and leisurely automated sound.

‘Post’ sounds almost middle-eastern, with its deep hum of the bass, and harmonic vocals, while ‘White Horses’ soothes your ears with its serene groove and unprecedented noise, giving an insight to the post-apocalyptic era that inspires this band.

This EP makes you feel drowsy. It’s simple, straight to the point chill out music. You can’t dance to it, you can’t relieve your emotions, you can only sit back and relax. However, this short little EP will not satisfy the cravings of the modern day metal man, it’s just so relaxing and soft it’s gooier than play dough.

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