Evile, Cerebral Bore & Savage Messiah

HMV Next Big Thing – The Ritz, Manchester 11th February 2012

A lot has happened in twenty five years. For one record label this has included unleashing early extreme metal on the world, including many recognisable names like Napalm Death, Carcass, Cathedral, The Dillinger Escape Plan and Morbid Angel to name but a few. To the present and new and upcoming talent are being talked about constantly within the label’s roster and with such names as Evile, Cerebral Bore and Savage Messiah on most peoples lips, it was no surprise when these UK monsters were lined up to make Earache Records’25th birthday party their best and most memorable show to date, under the auspices of the HMV Next Best Thing series.

Commencing the birthday bash was a group who have already impressed a lot of people with their recent live performances, welcome to the stage Savage Messiah. Lead singer and guitarist man Dave Silver, along with lead guitarist Joff Bailey, bassist Stefano Selvatico and blast beater Mauricio Chamucero, demonstrated with their Megadeth/Testament fusion thrash metal, exploding from every corner of the stage. Starting off with the frenzied ‘All Seeing I’ along with ‘Plague Of Consciousness,’ got their first pit going on the floor, which followed by ‘Carnival Of Souls,’ another track that brought Manchester to its knees and it was a grand moment to witness. Then, pleasing the crowd with ‘The Accuser’ and ‘Architects Of Fear,’ heads were turned with its tickles of speed and velocity as they closed their ferocious set with ‘Insurrection.’ Savage Messiah are the new risers from London who gained a great reception from the crowd.

Simone Pluijmers [vocals], Paul McGuire [guitars], Kyle Rutherford [bass] and Allan MacDonald [drums] of the visceral Cerebral Bore were up aiming to grab everyone’s attention. Although, the crowd new to Cerebral Bore were utterly dumbfounded as the roars were provided by Pluijmers, it did not stop the bile from Cerebral Bore being spilt across the floor. It was circle pit after circle pit with aggressive tracks like ‘The Bald Cadaver’, ‘Epileptic Strobe Entrapment’, ‘24 Year Party Dungeon’ and ‘Mangled Post Burial’ from their debut album “Maniacal Miscreation.” The crowd took a while to get used to their sheer pitiless sound, until a few songs into the their set Manchester let loose with the death metal brutality.

Spanning their back catalogue, opening their magnificent set with the title track “Five Serpent’s Teeth,” Evile hooked Manchester without a passing glance. Along came the debauched ‘In Dreams Of Terror’ and the unifying ‘Cult,’ the room joining in with the chant of CULT! After a pleasant introduction to Manchester, no time was wasted as the fist pounding ‘Eternal Empire’ and dramatic ‘We Who Are About To Die’ vibrated through The Ritz before an infectious drum solo was provided by Ben Carter. It was mentioned by the Evile camp that they were going to perform a distinctive piece, to commemorate the recent loss of David Gold, front man of Earache stable mates Woods Of Ypres [who were part of the roster before the accident] and their fallen comrade Mike Alexander. When ‘In Memoriam’ chimed, it was with the exquisite sound of Ol Drake’s technical guitar work, Joel Graham’s basslines and Matt Drake’s phenomenal voice. This induced a harmony of claps and cheers that fully appreciated the gesture by Evile. Bringing back the heaviness with ‘Origin Of Oblivion’ and ‘Descent Into Madness,’ the chaos of the pits and headbangers was instigated with full throttle. “Bow down to the dude with the pink guitar!” shrieked Matt Drake as the authoritative ‘Thrasher’ took control of the floor and an inflatable pink guitar appeared, before closing the birthday celebration with the wild ‘Infected Nation.’

Savage Messiah, Cerebral Bore and headliners Evile gave their heartfelt blessings to the late David Gold and the Woods Of Ypres camp throughout their performances. A fitting tribute to a man of unlimited talent who will be sorely missed and to a record label celebrating 25 years of doing things their own unique way!