Every Time I Die - Ex LivesEvery Time I Die are awesome. This is a fact, one that cannot or should not be denied. A band that is every bit a unique and surreal as their name may suggest, and one that it is impossible to resist.

After a brief stint on Roadrunner Records the band flirted with the big leagues with the release of their outstanding breakthrough album “Gutter Phenomenon” in 2005, an album that saw them pretty much put an entire scene on notice. Subsequent releases, “The Big Dirty” and “New Junk Aesthetic,” saw Every Time I Die forge their own path away from the mainstream and into the hearts of music fans the world over. With their own brand of ADHD riddled sarcastic noise the band could conquer the world if they wanted to, the thing is that they just don’t want to.

Every Time I Die‘s latest release “Ex Lives” continues the trend of them being utterly amazing and completely off their heads. “I Want To Be Dead With My friends,” this is what greets you on first listen of the superbly titled ‘Underwater Bimbo’s From Outer Space,’ a raunchy swaggering head fuck of track that is typical Every Time I Die through and through and tells you all that you need to know about the album without giving the game away. In other words expect the unexpected.

Everything on “Ex Lives” hurtles along at a breakneck pace and the band hammers through 14 tracks in 40 minutes, meaning that you will never get bored, but with the same token things fly by at such a pace that repeated listens are encouraged to get the full experience from the songs and the album as a whole.

Razor sharps riffs collide with sarcasm and rock & roll fury to create a tornado of tempestuous metal tinged hardcore that on any given day could cause even the most uncoordinated person to take to the dance floor and break shit down like Michael Jackson in the 80’s such is the genius at work here. Big jams from a band with balls and riffs that are bigger than most.

In fact, “Ex Lives” may be the most accessible yet bonkers album the band has released since the aforementioned “Gutter Phenomenon,” providing Every Time I Die with yet another instant classic in their arsenal. On the evidence put forward here there is absolutely nothing in the world that will stop Every Time I Die should they ever decide that they want to take it over.

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