The likelihood is that outside of France you are probably unfamiliar with Eths (myself included until previously this year). Pretty much an unknown entity outside of their native nation, in France the band are pretty big news, sharing the stage with big players such as Skindred and Machine Head and even fronting publication covers in France. Going by this album, III, Eths could break on to the wider radar, and deservedly so.

A band with a pretty unique sound, merging elements of modern death metal with nu-metal and even industrial in parts, making a big sounding, aggressive and heavy beast which could still do a job in the metal clubs. III is full of tempo shifts, ranging from full throttle pace, to slower rumbling to near ambience in places with a real sense of haunting eeriness across much of it; a mixture that creates a feeling of unpredictability but without being unfamiliar at the same time. At times it even becomes genuinely uncomfortable to listen to, due in large to the vocals of front woman Candice.

Speaking of which, it is definitely the performance of Candice which steals the show with a diverse vocal performance which ranges from the most brutal of death metal growls, to whispered passages to near child like wailed singing, which conveys the darkness of her past of which much of the subject matter of the album centres around, making it all the more unsettling. A terrific display on her part, but by the entire band as well, with some huge sounding grooves and hooks.

If there is any criticism it would be that perhaps it is all a little too polished and overproduced. This is a minor criticism however. III is a great effort which manages to combine real brutality with an accessible air and does so with real triumph. This could well be the album that propels Eths into the wider conscience, and it would be very welcoming if it did.

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