Eternal Deformity - The Beauty Of ChaosMusic genres leave a bitter taste in the mouth so I won’t pigeon-hole this Polish beauty. Nonetheless, Eternal Deformity’s “The Beauty of Chaos” is strong, extreme and richly amplified.

Eternal Deformity, a Polish five piece band, has experimented with various styles and elements over the past twenty years. They have oscillated from a darker heavier sound to a much more astral composition. “The Beauty of Chaos” illustrates a more fierce and symphonic metal approach which will be the Poles fifth release due out on 30 April 2012 by Code666 Records.

“The Beauty of Chaos” is amplified to an extent of immense technicalities, with the keyboard playing a prominent role as well an incredible register in the vocals. Not only does each track mark intensity but there is also a serious amount of craftsmanship, as a result there are no fillers. The stand out track with all the ferocious biting energy is ‘Pestilence Claims No High’ with its grotesque beautiful opening and a high-quality vocal delivery. The keyboard sets the atmosphere of intrigue but wait for the vehement drums to add the element of absolute chaos as well as some grating texture.

Another track that delivers an infectious groove and disturbing melodies is ‘Caught Out Lying’. This track has all the goodies of progressive compositions and a hint of doom metal. There is definite coherence and the audience can taste the power being exuded by the guitars and bass. “The Beauty of Chaos” contains stellar stylistic variation and confirms that the Poles of Eternal Deformity have uncontested skill.

There are no gripes with the album but audiences of blistering raw and blood infused heavy metal better look elsewhere. So, in greater honesty – “The Beauty of Chaos” is worth its penny and a must have for the little symphonic spirits.

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