Eskimo Callboy - Bury Me in Vegas [Review]For those of you who are a fan of the “core” scene: hardcore, grindcore, metalcore, deathcore, mathcore and so on. Well, this band goes under the field of electrocore, and with that you get exactly what it says on the tin. The new album “Bury Me In Vegas” by Germany’s own Eskimo Callboy, which came out at the end of last month, offers nothing but dirty, grimey riffs that if played loud enough could literally break the walls. On top of that is this electronic wave of almost game like melodies, which is quite a rare thing to find in the modern day metal music scene.

The six-piece describes their music in a statement as being “Danceable porn-metal, with a pinch of psychedelic glam rock.” It could well be “porn-metal” as sex is definitely a subject that comes up a lot, especially in songs such as ‘Bury Me In Vegas’ and ‘5$ Bitchcore’ and the fact their interlude is called ‘Internude’ but whether the glam rock influence is there, it’s hard to tell.

Singer Sebastian aka Sushi tells it best:

“Behind every song lies a true story, which is improved with lots of imagination. However, no one should take the lyrics too seriously, because they involve a lot of sarcasm. They are about parties, sex, booze experiences and interpersonal relationships.”

If you can understand the lyrics of this album, they are actually quite well put together, with songs like ‘The Kerosene Dance’ the lyrics read You try to drag me down, But I’m so much stronger today, You’re goddamn worthless, Like the cigs in your ashtray” which are so powerful yet everyone knows someone who fits that description.

If your one of those people who turn up to a gig with the mind set of jumping straight into the pits swinging your arms around knocking out every person within a 1 meter radius. This is the band for you. If you don’t like that extremely heavy screamo kind of music, don’t even bother, because this is heavy even for my standards.

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