Ephel Duath - On Death And CosmosNotorious for producing music that is well bonks but that retains a level of intelligence that ensures the beard-scratchers are happy, Ephel Duath are the quintessential thinking-man’s metal band. “On Death And Cosmos” is no exception, drawing on avant-garde experimentalism with jazzy eccentricities and sludge-like heaviness thrown in for good measure. It may only be a three-track EP, but “On Death…” is an enthralling and stirring glimpse into the full length album expected in 2013.

The sprawling intricacies and thundering rhythms of opener “Black Prism” are tinged with an arcane nuttiness that bands like Jethro Tull acquired back in the 70s.That said the riffs are almost ritualistic, bequeathing an uneasy, yet addictive feel.

“Raqia” is a schizophrenic affair, beginning with mellow guitars and slow, booming drums it metamorphoses into distorted jazz-doom sprawl. “Stardust Rain” is a volatile cacophony of Davide Tiso’s jarring guitars and Karyn Crisis’ icy black metal vocals that gives the album a self destructive and unpredictable vibe.

On “Death…” is a challenging listen, and whilst many will fall at the first hurdle those who stick with it will be rewarded with a captivating and exceptional piece of art that transcends polarising genres.

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