Envy The Fallen - Hoist The Colours EPThink of Newquay, and you are probably thinking of surfing, beaches and lads and laddettes holidays aplenty… and of course the often awesome Relentless Boardmasters Festival. You’d be pretty much spot on. The last thing that Newquay is really known for, is throwing out talented metal bands.

So, step forward Envy The Fallen, five sand blasted, and quite probably salt encrusted noiseniks determined to rip faces apart left right and centre, with their explosive EP; “Hoist The Colours”. The blurb tells us these five are going to appeal to fans of The Ghost Inside, Misery Signals and Parkway Drive, so you have an inkling here as to what you are going to get.

With “Hoist The Colours”, Envy The Fallen give us six destructive tracks, delivered with the subtlety of a sledgehammer to the throat. The comparisons for this lot are easy, the bands mentioned above for starters, a hefty collision between The Devil Wears Prada and Comeback Kid, as essentially these five they aren’t giving anything new to an already over-populated genre. There’s hefty gang vocals, infectious hooks and some tasty fretwork all gelled together with the gut wrenching gravel laced vocals of Anthony O’Reilly

So, if these guys are offering nothing new, why should we pay attention?.. Because they are bloody good at what they do, that’s why… and who says you have to break any moulds to make any impact. The musicianship is superb, and the band as a unit are tighter than the proverbial gnat’s chuff. The combined guitar work of Quiche Smith and Ryan Drew is military in its precision and impact. Back these two fretboard fondlers up with an brutal backline barrage from Jon Redd and James Killackey, and you have a band that can really throw out some neck breaking tunes and breaks. Title track “Hoist The Colours”, “The Brave One” and “Until Lambs Become Lions” really stand out, showing what these boys are really capable of.

Envy The Fallen may not be setting the world on fire with innovation, but they are doing a damn fine job of making the South West a louder and heavier place. It would be good to see them really expand, and with the likes of The Redbull Bedroom Jam, we could yet see these guys at some of the big festivals this summer.

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