Engraved Disillusion - Embers Of ExistenceRight now the UK death metal scene isn’t just strong but is absolutely thriving. A wealth of terrific and crushing death metal acts have appeared and really made a mark on peoples radars. From the unlikely origins of Taunton in Somerset, Engraved Disillusion are yet another act joining the party and demanding your undivided attention, garnering page space in one or two large UK based publications at least, as well as tours with such names as TesseracT and Anterior.

Now it must be said that melodic death metal is a very tried and tested style of music and it has been noted before that there are countless melodeath bands, with very few offering anything radically new, and Engraved Disillusion sadly do not give anything cutting edge either. That being said for a debut full length release “Embers Of Existence” holds up very well indeed. These young lads are certainly a talented bunch, and there are plenty of melodic hooks here, yet it doesn’t lose out in aggression, and there is a good amount of technical ability on show but not so much that it just becomes pointless and without actual songs, a balance which all too many bands do not get.

“Embers Of Existence” does unfortunately lack a real identity however. As much as I liked the vocals here they are fairly one dimensional and all too similar to so many other bands for example, and elsewhere there are precious few surprises and nothing really to make this stand out on its own. There are some sparse use of breakdowns which; in “Fragments Of A Memory” particularly, sound pretty mighty but are sparse enough to not become too formulaic, but if you want something that radically turns the genre on its head then you will need to look elsewhere.

Despite its perhaps generic nature however, “Embers Of Existence” is still a thoroughly enjoyable album and for a debut full release is very strong and worth checking out. Engraved Disillusion definitely look like ones for the future, and if they can bring some of their own personality in to the mix then they will certainly be ones to watch. A very impressive debut album which shows stacks of talent and some great hooks; despite the fact that you have probably heard this all before.

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