Enabler - All Hail The VoidSouthern Lord seems to have a non-stop conveyor belt of amazing noise coming out of their camp. The latest outfit in this long line to cross my desk is Milwaukee hardcore/crust punk crossover band Enabler. Their latest album “All Hail The Void” is their strongest offering to date, showing maturity and energy levels which saw them gain a spot on the Southern Lord Tour along with label mates Burning Love, Black Breath and Martyrdöd.

The acoustic intro of ‘F.A.T.H.’ belies the ferocious explosion that is about to erupt as the track proper begins. Pace, aggression and brutal vocals replace the more sedate beginning. There’s a certain similarity to their sound with Victims and stable mates All Pigs Must Die, which in my book is a huge thumbs up! The onslaught continues with ‘The Heathens,’ although this time there is a breakdown of sorts included.

‘Speechless’ takes the breakdown a step further and when added to the breakneck, yet melodic verses you have one of the standout tracks on the album. ‘Fuck Today’ is, as you’d probably guessed, an angry, hate filled tome. Vocalist, Jeff Lohrber, must have been particularly pissed off with the world on the day he wrote the lyrics…  “No hope, no feeling, we are so hollow. No mercy, no healing, we are so shallow.” Sadly, those words ring far too true!

Enabler continue to torment the ears with the sort, sharp attack of ‘False Profit’ and the groove laden angst of the title track. The tracks ‘True Love’ and ‘They Live, We Sleep’ show a slightly different side to Enabler. Yes, they are still angry but they let the melodic side of the band come through. ‘They Live, We Sleep,’ in particular, with its calm, yet menacing introduction.

‘No Deliverance’ slaps you in the face and wakes you from the melodic haze with a full on 100 mile an hour attack. If there are any remnants of melody left in your ears, ‘Save Yourself’ will remove any trace of them before ‘Trust’ and ‘Funeral Dirge’ will leave you with a black eye and a bloodied nose.

“All Hail The Void” is a twelve track aural assault, serving up some of the best hardcore/crust punk around today. Southern Lord has once again uncovered a rough diamond, here’s hoping it remains uncut and doesn’t get too polished… An absolute must for hardcore/crust punk fans and for everyone else, give it a try… you never know Enabler could become your new favourite band!

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