Emmure - Slave To The GameEmmure. Reading that alone has likely either filled you with excitement and intrigue, or with pure bile and hatred and make you want to tap away at your keyboard about how much this band “sucks etc”. Specialising in a style incorporating death metal and hardcore elements with a nu-metal bounce in their riffs and hip hop attitude and subject matter; Emmure are often targeted as “scensters” and have proven to often come under attack for their lyrical content, which would fit comfortably with much gangster rap and hip hop.

It is often overlooked how purely fun this band is to listen to though. Emmure aren’t looking to be anything other than made for a party scene; you’d be wasting your time to really analyse this band beyond being just a band with music ready-made for rock clubs. Kicking off with the ‘Insert Coin’ intro which takes place in an arcade setting, with a coin heard being put into the machine before ‘Protoman’ takes off, this kills off any notion haters may have hoped of maturing or progression. Emmure know what they do best, and that is just being fun and sounding huge.

“Slave To The Game” comes in pretty quick succession to previous album, “Speaker Of The Dead” of just last year, which really propelled the band in to a much wider conscience. A better of an album it was as well. Unfortunately, “Slave To The Game” isn’t quite as hard hitting as its predecessor. As alluded to before, there isn’t any change in style at all, you know full well what you’re getting with an Emmure album. It just sadly lacks the real venom and impact that “Speaker Of The Dead” had. ‘Protoman’ is a phenomenal start to the album and is a real anthem. Afterwards however most songs really end up blending in to one another, without any real standout moments. Arguably the songs are rather formulaic, you know you’re going to get massive breakdowns throughout, bouncy riffs and vocals that pass between hardcore shouts and vicious growls, but this hasn’t proven a problem for the likes of Motorhead, and nor should it for Emmure.

“Slave To The Game” is a very enjoyable listen, it still has a real savage streak to it, and it will still piss off the haters. It just isn’t the most impactful of the bands back catalogue. Definitely worth checking out and it will make great listening for any metal party/club etc. For the best starting point for the band, “Speaker Of The Dead” is your best bet.

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