Expectations were high for Team TINAS’ as the visual spectacle of the multi-talented Emilie Autumn and the F.L.A.G Tour [Fight Like A Girl] was about to be witnessed. Before the rampage of feet thumped the ground, it was probable for this to be an all-girls night dressing up in appropriate attire. Surprisingly, there were a lot of male fans at the show too. So, be warned as the new age twisted Marie Antoinette party, served with refreshing tea and cakes as well as domination, was about to hit the stage.

As the industrial thuds of ‘Best Safety Lies In Fear’ blasted through the very cracks of the HMV Ritz and a mysterious purple light pulsated through the clock face, each member of The Bloody Crumpets silhouetted with rapturous applause as positions were locked in. Taking form in costume as leader of the rats with the spooky 4 o’clock, crafted the visual assault of Emilie Autumn. With a quick costume change and Dr Stockhill’s words, created a uncompromising atmosphere boomed the fighting spirit for ‘Fight Like A Girl’ and ‘Time For Tea’ brought out the aggression of Emilie Autumn’s psyche. ‘Take a Pill’ got the twisted wheelchair out to play and Autumn’s minions to interpret breaking free from the hell that is ‘The Asylum’. Mutters of ‘How To Break A Heart’ led to things a little frisky and provoking even for a theatrical play in ‘Liar’ that got her trusty violin and her deep Annie Lennox style expressions to the prisoners.

Taking centre stage was the host of The Bloody Crumpets, Captain Maggot “with a passion of slicing, dicing and warm fresh pastries” welcomed ‘The Asylum Of Wayward Victorian Girls’ to “the delectable dames, generous gentlemen and for those who are unsure or in between”. This compromised, in comedic custom, “Leader of the Plague and Queen of the Rats” Emilie Autumn, “oh-so virginal” Naughty Veronica who dressed in stunning burlesque uniform and, after much stuttering and water sprayed, The Blessed Contessa, who was described as “a ferocious inmate with a thirst for flesh”.

The Blessed Contessa wildly voiced some great amusement and crowd participation with a spell of Fingers and Toes and “crossing arms and eyes” who shrieked the next hypnotic song ‘God Help Me.’ This was a pictorial tea party by The Bloody Crumpets “sharing” quite delicious treats and tea to Manchester. A small interval brought a lovely Burlesque performance by Naughty Veronica to the heart-breaking but unifying Dominant that everyone gazed at its flow of beauty before the upbeat ‘Girls! Girls! Girls!’ filled the room with joy and cheer.

Now, if viewers weren’t immune to some provocative action that took place on stage, it would have to be the little demo of the kiss with Autumn and Naughty Veronica that got the male audience’s hearts pounding for some warped girl-on-girl action. Providing with some entertainment by Naughty Veronica was a game called “The Rat Game” where corruption was awaiting for a pure snow driven fan with her first kiss. Then, it was the second annual You’re Awesome Day as everyone hugged one another and expressed the words “You’re awesome!”, which added a nice touch to the night. The demanding tracks ‘Gears’ and ‘We Want Them Young’ shook off the cobwebs, the gentle ‘Gaslight’ showed vulnerability of Autumn and it was soon awaken with the uniting march of ‘One Foot In Front Of The Other.’

Autumn invaded the stage with tickling of the ivories for ‘Madgirl’ that represented her desperation and weakness in her spirit. Manchester led the closing song ‘Thank God I’m Pretty’ that she was awestruck by and The Bloody Crumpets performed their last dance for all to witness, thus closing the night. Presenting the thoughts and emotions going through the mind of Emilie Autumn and the trusty ladies of The Bloody Crumpets, this does call a toast of tea, cake and a theatrical show that was not your average rock concert. It was a night of thought provoking drama, accompanied with the abnormal and amusing antics of world that is The Asylum. Cheers!

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