Elysian - Wires Of CreationWhat may be an easier way to sum up Australian metallers Elysian and their particular brand of metal, would be just to list the bands that spring to mind whilst listening to “Wires of Creation”. During the opening track alone the names of Killswitch Engage, Arch Enemy, In Flames and Caliban will likely be on the tip of your tongue as you listen to the interlocking rhythms of guitar, bass and kick drums and throat-ripping vocals that bring to mind Lamb of God‘s Randy Blythe.

Most of the other tracks follow suit, with the band treading a fine line between metalcore and melodic death metal with a hint of a Swedish influence, all played with excellent musicianship and sounding fantastic with a huge, heavy production that belies the fact that this is a self-produced debut album. The main problem with the album, though, is that it sticks mainly to the metalcore side of their sound and falls into the trappings that befalls most examples of metalcore, i.e. it’s very limited and gets a tad dull after a few tracks.

The band do throw in a couple of lighter instrumental passages between some of the tracks to break up the monotony, and that has the desired effect…until the next track comes in and we’re off again on a torrent of double-kick drums and harmonised riffs. It isn’t all bad, as the brutal ‘Machine’ offers up a bit of excitement in a song that adds a little Slayer flavour to the mix and ups the pace a bit. ‘Play the Hand’ also offers up a bit of a change in proceedings with a main verse that bounces along on a groove that reminds of Pro-Pain.

There are no doubt those of you out there that will love this album. You’ll get off on the lush melodies, the piledriving rhythms and harsh vocals in the same way that you probably did to “The End of Heartache” or “Come Clarity”, and superficially that’s all this album really has because fully rounded songs just don’t seem to be forthcoming. The band obviously have talent and a grasp of what they want to be, and in the future they will probably deliver something quite special, but this isn’t it. Props to them for doing it their way, though.

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