El Caco - Hatred, Love & DiagramsIf you like Tool, you may like El Caco‘s latest release “Hatred, Love & Diagrams.” El Caco is a Norwegian band that doesn’t quite sound like any Norwegian band I’ve ever heard. There is no blood, guts, or mind warping musicianship here, but it’s OK. “Hatred, Love & Diagrams” drops January 27 on Indie Recordings. It has Oyvind Osa on bass and vocals, Anders Gjesti on guitars, and Fredrik Wallumrod on drums.

‘After I’m Gone’ sets the tone for the upcoming album, as slighty moody. The guitar riffs remind me of a mixture of Led Zeppelin and Tool. Oyvind Osa who helms bass guitar and vocals does a good job. ‘Hatred‘ is more 80s waver music. It reminds me a little of Bauhaus, it’s got a great beat to it and you can dance to it. It’s definitely a “goth” tune and I can see it on the soundtrack to one of the Underworld movies.

‘Autopsy’ is very much a Tool song, the guitar parts could be by Adam Jones. The drumming by Fredrik Wallumrod is very front and center. It’s another moody, dark track perfect for bleak rainy days.

‘Equivalence’ sounds like a a few genre’s mashed together, there are shades of southern rock, shades of goth, even shades of 90s hair metal. It’s a weird song to my ears, although it does have some good bass riffage happening that compliments the straight forward drumming. Anders Gjesti and Fredrik Wallumrod work very well together.

I’m not sure what they wanted to accomplish with ‘Go Forward.’ It’s another track where the composition leaves me a bit puzzled. It’s only 152 seconds long and it left me going … Huh? Then it goes into ‘Confessions’ which is more of the moody, goth, angst of the previous songs. ‘Confessions’ becomes a bit whingy and monotonous.

‘Sixty to Zero’ is a bit more up beat. It’s got distorted guitars and bass in the beginning. Then a really nice groovy guitar riff. This song is very much a Tool homage, then halfway through becomes a Kingdom Come homage. ‘Skeleton’ has some great drumming by Fredrik, it’s a high point of the song. ‘She Said’ is a whingy, sad, angst ridden song. The album closes with ‘Disconnect,’ which has more of the same.

Not your regular Norwegian metal fare, if you want blood, guts and gore then steer clear of this record, but if you prefer the  more progressive stylings of Tool or the hard rock of Kingdom Come then this could be right up your alley!

El Caco – Official Website