Edge of Haze are a fantastic new band from Finland. Describing themselves in their bio as “alternative metal” the band are a great blend of Katatonia, Opeth and In Flames. Their album “Mirage” was recently released on both Bandcamp and as a limited CD release. When I heard it, I was floored. I kept wondering, who is this band? To find out, read on.

Seeing as you are a relatively new band, could you briefly go over who Edge of Haze are and your background?

Janne Mieskonen: We are a five-piece metal band from Finland. The band was founded by Eero and I back in 2007. The group has gone through some different music styles and line-up changes until it developed into its current form. The band’s vision is to create atmospheric music that we would like to listen to ourselves.

From what I’ve heard so far, you guys seem to have a heavy Katatonia/Opeth influence on your songs, yet at the same time it is unique. Is the Katatonia/Opeth influence correct? What other influences do you have?

JM: Yeah, the Katatonia/Opeth influence is totally correct. Especially both of us are Katatonia fans – their new album is magnificent! Other major influences worth mentioning would be Swallow the Sun and Devin Townsend.

Judging by your band pics you are a very young band how long have you been playing and listening to metal?

Eero Maijala: We pretty much grew up listening to metal music (Metallica, Lordi, Nightwish etc.) and have been playing metal ourselves since elementary school years. Metal music is still a big part of our lives but we also listen to various different music styles like jazz, electronic music, pop, soundtracks and so on… We don’t really like limitations of any kind. What led to the decision to release the album on Bandcamp? Was it due to no suitable offers from labels or that you just wanted to have control over your work?

Our guitarist Lenno is also a professional producer and DJ and as he had good experiences on Bandcamp we decided to give it a shot. We’re currently independent and we like it that way as we can decide what to do with our musical visions and stuff.

A lot of people are saying that the music industry is dead or dying due to the high proliferation of illegal downloads. Do you ever get discouraged by this talk and do you think that the band will ever end up being able to be a full time gig?

EM: We’re really aware of what the situation is currently in the music industry. I think it’s okay to sometimes discover new music by downloading illegally, but for example everytime I find something I like I’ll at least buy it after downloading. Of course there are lots of people that don’t buy anything and just download stuff illegally which I think really sucks as the author gets nothing at all for his work.

I noticed you guys are selling a physical CD in addition to the download on Bandcamp. Seeing as most people just buy MP3’s nowadays, why should someone spend the extra money on a CD? Do you ever buy physical product yourself? Why or why not?

JM: We do buy both physical and digital CD’s ourselves, but we think that it is better to have the real thing in your hands. We think it feels like you own the product much more than if you had just bought from iTunes or such. Many of our friends have been asking for a physical CD over a digital one too so that’s basically why.

Is there any sort of concept to the album? If so, what is it? If not, what are the main lyrical themes in the songs?

JM: There is no specific concept on “Mirage”. I picked up some ideas from everyday life and fictional stories that I found interesting, for example the song ‘Certainty’ tells about incurable sickness. We have plans to make the next album to have some kind of a concept though, we’ll see!

Is the band planning to play any shows? Any tour outside of Finland planned?

EM: We’ve planned to play shows this autumn and winter but those will probably be in Finland only as each of us is still in school and it takes time away from all the musical stuff. But we’re totally open minded for any kinds of offers outside of Finland too and we’d love to go play gigs outside of Finland as well!

Thanks for taking the time to do this interview. Anything else you would like to say?

Big thanks to you for interviewing us! For all the music fans out there: give your support to the bands/artists whose music you still want to hear in the future too! Also check out our album “Mirage” if you’re up for some new tunes and tell us your opinions about it. Rock on!

Edge of Haze – Facebook Page