Earthride - Something WickedEarthride delivered their 3rd album “Something Wicked” in 2010. The band hails from doom metal capital of the world Maryland. “Something Wicked” is truly a wicked piece of work that just drips with evilness. The album is brimming with distorted bass and guitar. It’s all sludgy and doomy goodness that evokes black light and lava lamps. Earthride has a 70s southern metal feel with Black Sabbath overtones and Southern Train Gypsy sensibilities. If you’ve enjoyed any Orange Goblin record, you’ll get behind Earthride.  My favourite part of the entire album is Josh Hart‘s bass playing. The bass is quite prominent and it adds a wonderful dynamic to the album.

Some would say the sound of “Something Wicked” is dated, it’s a stoner southern metal love fest. “Something Wicked” is a slow dirge. It’s dark and heavy. “Hacksaw Eyeball” sports some groovy riffage. The combination of Kyle Van Steinburg on guitar and Eric Little on drums create a tribal feel to this song. don’t get me wrong, the song has a hook to it and Kyle displays a wicked guitar solo. “Make Up Your Mind” is another track where I’m just salivating over Josh Hart‘s bass.

On the flipside, by “Destruction Song” I had zoned out. It’s a good schtick, the 70s doom sludge sound, but it takes a lot to keep the listener engaged. All the songs begin to sound the same as the album goes on. “Luckily Zodiac” to the rescue. It starts with acoustic guitar and vocalist Dave Sherman. He’s soulful and moving. At 1:15 the rest of the band kicks in and the result is a sonic ass kicking. “Watch the Children Play” has you engaged from start to finish. The bass and guitar is infectious and hooky. The song becomes a bit indulgent at 6:36 but its forgiven as the bass line just rules. “Grip the Wheel” gives the listener a dual bass and guitar solo from 1:35 to 1:54. Each is totally independent of each other and play over each other like water over rocks; shooting class III rapids here.

Earthride‘s “Something Wicked” is indeed a wicked album. It’s laid back sultry 70s stoner southern rock full of groove and swagger. It’s definitely worth checking out. While you are at it, Earthride re-released their 2000 EP entitled “Earthride” earlier in May. “Earthride”, the EP, is fully remastered and contains three live tracks recorded at the Stoner Hand of Doom Festival. It’s limited to 500 hand numbered copies, so get yours quickly here.

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