EA - EAA dark and stormy release from the doom side of the moon: an untitled, single-track opus from the mysterious Ea.

It’s hard to say whether it is the mood of our times—wars, economic distress, social unrest, environmental concerns, widespread depression and other mental health issues—or just the shifting tides of musical genres, but there is a lot of fine funeral doom being played today. At any rate, Ea fits in nicely among funeral doom anti-luminaries like Mournful Congregation and Loss. If you know funeral doom you’ll know what to expect from this release: slow tempos, infrequent and deep-growling vocals, the very sound of being resigned to despair itself.

Ea made an excellent call, though, by incorporating samples, melancholy synth pads, pizzicato strings and other ear candy, as well as a surprising tempo shift into a double-bass groove and an anthemic melody near the 23-minute mark. These touches are what keeps the music as compelling as it is—a commendable achievement over a 47-minute funeral doom composition.

This is not the absolute best work being done in funeral doom right now, but Ea hits all the right notes of the subgenre on this one. The playing is locked-in (actually a very challenging thing to achieve at extremely slow tempos) and the guitar melodies have that sad-but-beautiful vibe. If you’re one of the increasing number of metal fans getting into this bummed-out style then you’ll be appropriately (un)happy to add this release to your musical ossuary.

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