We’ve all heard of a three-piece band, ZZ Top, Fun Lovin’ Criminals, Muse and so on. But how many two-piece bands are there? Well we know of one and so will the rest of the world after Brisbane punks DZ Deathrays bring out their brand new debut on May 8th.

These Aussie boys who go by the name of Shane Parsons (Singer and Guitarist) and Simon Ridley (Drummer) started off playing house parties in 2008, and are now their playing stadiums across the US, UK and Europe.

After hitting it big with their ‘Ruined My Life’ EP they are now releasing their first studio album called “Bloodstreams” where Shane says he has actually “tried to sing, rather than just scream” according to an interview with NME earlier this year.

The ‘Intro’ sounded quite creepy, and the immediate reaction from this album is “what is this..?” but when ‘Teenage Kickstarts’ and ‘Cops Capacity’ kick in, the short answer to that questions is “incredible!”

‘No Sleep’ offers fast, deep guitars and contagiously catchy choruses, with locomotive drum beats that create this loud whirlwind of explosions.

Taking it down a notch is the track ‘Play Dead Until Your Dead’ which is a plutonic, electronic driven song with heart-felt lyrics and mellow guitars, but then your taken straight back into that whirlwind with tracks like ‘Dinomight’ and ‘LA Lightning.’

For only two members, there is not a beat missed. What they lack in musicians they make up in enthusiasm and skill. It seems the fewer members there are in a band, the louder they are, Muse are a prime example of this. But I think their reign of loudest band may one day be taken over by these boys.

DZ Deathrays – Official Website