Dunderbeist - Songs Of The BuriedEarlier on in the year, Norway’s Dunderbeist released their 5th full length, and first internationally released album, “Black Arts And Crooked Tales”; a rather stellar album it has to be said which showed the bands knack for being rather experimental and dynamic yet still with really catchy and memorable songs. If there was any criticism it would be in its cohesion, with it being rather obvious that parts had been written in different stages. Now on their sixth album, “Songs Of The Buried”, this is not a worry as the album was written in a space of a few short months, and is much more consistent effort as a result.

“Songs Of The Buried” is a notably different beast to its predecessor. Whilst still based on a rather unique and at times unpredictable sound it does show a darker side to the band. Whilst “Black Arts…” for the most part had a real fun and even a party atmosphere at times, “Songs Of The Buried” overall has a somewhat bleaker atmosphere. Lyrically, it has a large focus on death and transition throughout, whilst musically it is quite obviously heavier, and at times even presents a slower brooding pace (on occasion).

Despite the darker nature of Songs…, it still builds upon a core sound that fans of the band will be familiar with, one that manages to combine experimental elements and a sense of the band’s own quirk with near pop levels of catchy song writing. In contrast to the bleaker vibe of “Songs…”, there is also still a sense of the bands humour in titles like ‘Forcefed Boar’s Head’.

With two international releases in a short space of time, Dunderbeist should make a real name for themselves, and on the back of this; the stronger of the two, hopefully make some real waves.

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