Doro - Under My Skin (A Fine Selection of Doro Classics) Doro is a metal legend. With a career spanning over 25 years she is truly one of the genre’s longest running  singers despite the fact that she has never gotten sales figures like Ozzy, Iron Maiden and other metal legends. Why Doro has never achieved the same level of popularity as many of the metal “kings” is puzzling. She has an amazing voice, she is good looking and oozes metal. Her commitment to the genre uncontested by anyone.

In all reality, sexism probably does play a large role in why she never gained as much popularity as she should have. Her first band-Warlock-initially came out in the 80s when metal had nowhere near the amount of feminine presence that it currently has. Also the fact that all of her album covers show her dressed in leather in a sexy pose probably didn’t help to put her beyond novelty act in the common perception either.
The thing is though that Doro is no novelty act and she definitely belongs in the same breath as the metal gods Priest, Maiden, Motorhead and all of the rest of them. Just one listen to the recently released “Under My Skin (A Fine Selection of Doro Classics)” will convince anyone of that fact. This album is a great career retrospective that contains all of her well known songs, and more considering that the album is two discs and 32 songs long!

Despite the length “Under My Skin” never suffers from the “oh god will it ever end!” phenomenon that can happen with long career retrospectives. The fact is that Doro has great songs that are catchy and interesting. Right from the get go with the blistering ‘All We Are’  your fist will start pumping and your head will start banging. As a result it is really hard to pick favourites on this disc but for my money I would say the highlights are ‘All We Are’, ‘The Queen’, and ‘You’re My Family’. But honestly, there is really no bad song on this album.

Those who have never heard Ms. Pesch before need not feel hesitant about splurging for this album. You won’t regret it. Anyone who is a metalhead and NOT heard Doro needs to check her albums out right away and “Under My Skin” is a perfect place to start.

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