Chthonic are a politically charged black metal firecracker from Taiwan, a band who has developed a lot over the last few years and has been steadily making waves on these shores through touring their explosive live show. Not afraid to speak their minds Chthonic have courted controversy on occasion in their native land and show no signs of slowing down.

We here at ThisIsNotAScene had the chance to catch up with the band’s Charming and extremely talented bassist Doris Yeh, to talk about Bloodstock, UK crowds, the band’s stage show and much more.

You guys played earlier, how did the show go for you?

It was much better than I thought, I never thought that so many people would show up. The weather Is nice, and when I got onstage I noticed there was a lot of people waiting for us, so I was pretty happy.

Was it daunting for you to play a festival you’ve never played before or did you treat it the same way you treat every other show.

I drink some alcohol before the show to make me more relaxed, but with every show my mood is not that different.

Do you try to win people over in this time of situation?

We always play every show like we are a headliner, because you have to make a new audience feel excited. Its much harder in a way to make newer people to our band go crazy, but we always give 105% even 200% sometimes.

Being from Taiwan, how do you feel stepping out in front of crowds in the UK and Europe?

The fans in Europe are very different, especially the female fans who sit on people’s shoulders, that’s not normal in Taiwan or Japan, so it’s quite attractive for the male band members, they love the scenery. [laughs]

Recently you have changed your stage show as well as the bands look. Is it important for you as a band to keep developing?

Yeah, we change styles with each album depending on the concept of the album. For our new album “Tagasaka’s Army” which is all about the army and the war, our outfits are more military styled uniforms, where as our last album was about hell and the underworld so there was more corpse paint then. We don’t think that much, we just want to give a visual image to match the music and keep it all the same style.

Unlike a lot of traditional Black Metal bands you inject a lot of your own personal feelings into your music, Do you think that’s important for you guys?

My major in university was politics, I’ve been very into public social issues, and the other members are very into the history, so I think it’s very normal to use the political human rights issues In our music, and we will use it on our next album as well, but in a different way. Our vocalist Freddy Lim, is now chairman of Amnesty International in Taiwan, and these are issues we are concerned about.

You mentioned a new album. Do you have a time frame for that currently?

Yeah, we will be recording early next year.

In closing, what would you like to say to all the Chthonic fans out there?

When you listen to our music, you can also google the story behind the music to get the full meaning behind it, our music is classic traditional music, but the other half is about the story, the story is an important part of our music as well. There is a lot of our beliefs and our spirit in the story of our music

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