Doomed - The Ancient PathDOOMED  is the solo project of Pierre Laube of P.H.A.I.L. Not being familiar with P.H.A.I.L. I have no idea how the two bands compare, but after a brief perusal of their facebook page they mention bands such as Pantera, The Prodigy, Superjoint Ritual and even dubstep as artists they like. That being said I think it’s safe to say that the two bands are not alike at all as DOOMED is an apt moniker for this band: Heavy and slow with more lurch than pep to their songs.

“The Ancient Path” is pretty damned solid release, with thick and slow riffs that move at a snails pace while hints of melody show up here and there throughout the album. Rarely does the album pick the pace up beyond a snail’s pace and when it does the effect is jarring.

While Pierre doesn’t have a unique vocal style-falling more into the death grunt category style of doom singing rather than than the psychotic hippy on acid style-his voice is extremely effective in conveying the hopelessness that makes doom so effective when it works. This style compliments the music perfectly and as a result the album is that much better.

Song-wise the album is superb with each track moving seamlessly into the next with each song building on the one previous to it. As a result each song seems to be dependent on the others and makes so that the album should be listened to in one sitting instead of as individual tracks.  That being said, the standout track on the album is the haunting ‘She’s Calling Me’ which if you preview any song on the album should be it.

Hopefully, Pierre decides to continue with this band even after he releases his next album (slated for 2013,) as this is some great doom. I look forward to hearing future releases from him.

DOOMED – Facebook page