Dodecahedron - DodecahedronSpewing forth with vile chthonic invective, tillburg bastard-sons Dodecahedron unleash a mutation so filthy that their sinister left hand tentacles find no difficulty in instantly ensnaring the even the most uncorrupted soul in their trans-plutonian clutches.

Originally known as Order of the Source Below, a name change and a signing to Season of Mist has set the stage for this exemplary work. Lineage suggests a fondness for the maddening devilry of DsO et al, with a strong adherence paid to the template of philosophical orthodoxy counterblasting a refutation of stylistic norms. This is no straight black metal. Each twist and turn is another step into the earth, all senses overruled and all logic questioned. Dodecahedron are masters of timbre, creating a monolithic soundscape that invokes a feeling of microcosmic futility so palpable that the victim of this magick becomes unstuck in time, all cohesion lost in temporal dissolution.

This is a descent into an individual hell.

Such a powerful display on a first release is extraordinary. The full confidence of the band is on display during the 20 minute closing movement of the “View from Hverfell trilogy”. To attempt such a seismic work shows guts, conviction and profound vision and it is testament to Dodecahderon that they pull this off so well. These three tracks could serve as record in their own regard and the myriad volte-face and misdirection’s (successfully) executed demonstrate a mastery of arte usually not possessed by bands with many years more experience.

There is absolutely no doubt that this is an essential work. The entire work is an astonishing experience that will draw you fully into its world and dim the light of mundane reality. Impressive beyond superlatives, Dodecahedron demands a dark room, loud headphones and the genuine desire to offer up your soul as payment to what invariably stands as a transcendental experience that will leave an indelible mark on all who bear witness.

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