I have a confession to make. I am a raving lunatic when it comes to Diamond Plate. I have been since I was introduced to the band last year with the release of “Generation Why?” For me, it was one of the Top 5 albums released last year. Yes, it’s just that good! So it was a treat to see them live (again) and share the Diamond Plate love with what was described to me as being “an Overkill show”.  I made it my mission to snag as many Overkill fans as I could. It’s always great to get new converts into the world of metal. Diamond Plate managed to convert the masses in twenty minutes.

No lie. That’s all it took for people to go “they were good” and come back over and over to see them live. Several audience members head banging around me had seen Diamond Plate live before and all but two in my immediate area already owned “Generation Why?” Those two, a couple, had come for one of the opening bands and ended up really enjoying Diamond Plate. One punter told me he bought “Generation Why?” after hearing only one song. He went on to see them with Warbringer and was back for more. The guy in front of me confessed he doesn’t listen to “Generation Why?” nearly enough.

Diamond Plate have pretty much lived on the road after the 2011 release of “Generation Why?” It’s a goodly thing for those of us who like our metal loud, fast, melodic, and just plain head bang dizzying good. Last year Konrad, Jon, Mario and Jim blazed across the USA with Warbringer and this year made their first ever trip across the pond to play in Wales at Hammerfest IV before heading to London.  Playing live with such heavy hitters as Collapse, Anthrax, and Savage Messiah, Diamond Plate are blazing a new trail for young fresh thrash metal! This current tour sees Chicago’s best sons opening for God Forbid and Overkill.

Diamond Plate‘s set is a meagre twenty minutes, but what they can do in twenty minutes most bands can’t muster in two hours.  Guitar players Konrad Kupiec and Mario Cianci are just beasts. Technically adept. Stunningly fast. Easy on the eyes. Drummer Jim Nicademus is a mixture of Animal from Muppet Show and Charlie Benante. Jim is wicked fast and his fills are gobsmackingly sweet, he can lay down a groove with the best of them! Rounding out this talented foursome is vocalist Jon Macak. Diamond Plate has a REAL bass player, with bass lines you can hear. The bass riffs richly weave through the music and is a harmony unto itself. But most important, as the guy behind me told me, Jon has very pretty hair. Yes, a dude told me this… I just nodded and smiled and first chance I got I relayed it to Jon, who told me he gets that a lot.

Diamond Plate blistered their way through ‘At The Mountains of Madness’, a truncated version of ‘Relativity’, ‘Wasted Life’, and ‘Empire Tomorrow‘. ‘Empire Tomorrow’ with the uber groovy closing guitar solo by Konrad Kupiec that made the audience collectively gasp and completely fall in love with this band. ‘Empire Tomorrow’ allowed Diamond Plate to slip some Philadelphia Overkill fans into their back pocket for safe keeping.

Diamond Plate and the rest of the tour careens into Chicago on April 25 with stops in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Austin, Dallas, Atlanta, before ending in New York City on May 12th. Definitely check Diamond Plate out live. It will be the most entertaining full of head banging happiness night out you’ve had in a long time.

Diamond Plate – Official Website