Desalmado - DesalmadoFor some psychotically loud and fast listening I prefer Desalmado. They have a new album out this year and it’s just as mean and menacing as their 10” release “Hereditas” was last year. Desalmado’s self-titled album dropped via Greyhaze Records on July 31st. The album is as hot as the summer temperatures. It opens with Sem Nome and it pretty much is what flying about at 9g’s would feel like.

The songs are short and nowhere near sweet. Canibal Social’ continues with the madness and clocks in at 2:14. Desalmado pack a lot of energy in that 134 seconds. To wit, the entire album is only a half hour long but you get fifteen punishingly brutal tracks. Desalmado are in a take-no-prisoners mode. Delirio’ has some wicked guitar riffage over the most agro drumming that I’ve heard. Just when you get into the song, it’s over. Fin. Moving on. ‘Cegueira Santa’ will have you circle pitting in your living room. It’s that frenetic. ‘Todos Vao Morrer’ slows it down somewhat for a whopping thirty seconds. It channels the more California thrash sound before erupting into a deathly whirling dervish. A minute later you can take a small breath as the dervish is replaced with a ferocious wall of sound. Estevam Romera is killing it on guitars and Ricardo Nutzmann is amazing on drums. Caio Augusttus is just pure evilness in the vocal department. Bass duties are commendably handled by Bruno Teixeira.

If you are a fan of grindcore, then Desalmado’s self-titled album is a must have. ‘Odio Instintivo Contra A Realidade’ just puts a big ol’ grin on my face. It’s so fast I don’t know what to do so when ‘Falso Profeta’ comes on I just jumped out of my chain and moshed about the room. I mean how can you not like this band? This music? It’s just wicked good. Desalmado gets what the grindcore label is supposed to be about. Even if you strip away the label, this is just an amazing gobsmacking album.

‘Ceifador’ is sludgy and heavy.  Bruno’s bass playing is strong and Estevam is blasting it on guitars. This Sao Paulo, Brazilian band is relentless in their presentation. Track after track is pure bliss. ‘Suicidio Assistido’ is more brutal bass and guitar work. It’s a gigantic wall of metal sound that puts that dopey smile on your face, the one you get before you start tearin’ sh*t up! It’s 116 seconds of killer riffage and very loud drums. Desalmado is definitely a force to be reckoned with. They are not for the faint of heart.

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