Derelict Sermon - Callousness And DefianceExperimental music, I’m all for it. It triggers the imagination, pushes the creative envelope and it keeps musical genres alive and relevant. Coming from a hard rock and metal background I don’t have anything against bands like Motorhead, AC/DC and Manowar (well, being a parody is just bad enough) and they’re great at what they do, but for me it’s bands like Porcupine Tree, Anathema, Ihsahn, The Devin Townsend Band, Secret Chiefs 3, Tomahawk, Fantomas, Obake, Blut Aus Nord, Metallic Taste Of Blood, Killing Joke, Cynic, Amplifier, Opeth and Obscura that really challenge the musical status quo of their successive musical fields and bring things to new creative heights.

The downside of experimentation that it can yield terrible results, if not executed properly. One of these sad cases is “Callouness And Defiance” by a one-man project called Derelict Sermon. According to Derelict Sermon’s facebook the music is a combination of “avant metal, wardy doom, electronics, black drones, progressive metal and sound(track) scapes”. It shows potential on paper, but it doesn’t take off on the album, putting it mildly.

Derelict Sermon sole creative force Martin Daniel’s morbid fascination with homicide and other various delinquent habits may have a certain entertainment value, his music certainly everything but entertaining. “Calousness And Defiance” is basically one big pile of poorly executed ideas, compositions that lack any sense of coherence and a couple of really sad attempts to sounds like an angry midget-sized Dani Filth. If you think that Dani Filth and his Cradle Of Filth cronies are a bad joke, you haven’t heard Derelict Sermon. The tin-can production makes this album a truly atrocious affair.

“Callouness And Defiance” by Derelict Sermon isn’t avant-garde, experimental or cutting edge in any way. It’s a sad attempt to make a racket that, but it doesn’t go anywhere. If you want some truly cutting-edge and forward-thinking music I heartily recommend the latest albums by Obake, Ulver, Blut Aus Nord, Ihsahn and Metallic Taste Of Blood. This album is literally a waste of time, money and valuable resources. Avoid!

Derelict Sermon – Facebook Page